Kitchen Accessories

Cutting Boards - I try to make them functional as well as nice looking. The one shown is 12” x 18”. I make them from locally grown woods. The finish is always food grade mineral oil.

Lazy Susan’s - Most are 13” in diameter. I have them in Poplar, Beetle Pine, Red Cedar, Ash and other woods. Finished with Tung Oil.

Wooden Mugs - I make them from every type of wood in the shop. So if you like rustic, enjoy it from the first drink in the morning.

Trivets - Something to set your hot dishes on. Again, these can be made out of any type of wood in the shop. Measures 10”x 10”

Cooking Utensils - I carve these out of various woods. Always try to make them pleasant looking, but they are finished with food grade mineral oil if you do want to cook with them.

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Yes, salt and pepper shakers with a toothpick holder.

Below is some can koozies