Mother Nature makes it, I just assemble it.


Urban/Salvage Forestry

Ever wonder what happens to the trees that are removed by tree services? In most cases they are cut up for firewood or taken to the local landfill and burned there. That’s where Urban/Salvage Forestry comes in. I work with local tree services and take the logs that they remove from homeowners yards. With the use of my own sawmill, I can then cut them into slabs to make furniture or for arts & crafts. Yes, inevitably some of it still winds up as fire wood, but a small fraction of the original.

I also search over a very large area for standing dead or dying trees. These also either get cut up for firewood or left to rot in the forest. Such is the case with the Pine Beetle infestation that is happening in our area. Not that there isn’t a need for firewood, but I try to keep as much as possible from going up in smoke. If you have a tree or trees that need to be removed for any reason, contact and me and see if I can help you clear them out. If you are interested in some “raw” wood, call me and see what I have on hand.

These are some Aromatic Red Cedar trees that had been caught in a nature caused fire. Although it killed the trees, the wood itself was not harmed and perfectly good to build with.

Note - guard dog

American Elm

A slab of Beetle kill Pine

Ash slabs

Yep, me cutting slabs

Box Elder Slab

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