Mother Nature makes it, I just assemble it.


Items currently available

Items on this page could change frequently. Although I am building constantly, it’s not uncommon when we are doing a show to be nearly wiped out of products. If you see something you like, contact me right away so I can hold it for you.

Ash Bench - $150.00

About 54” long by 40” tall by 36” deep.

Assorted Lazy Susans - $20.00 each

I have some made of Ash, Pine and Poplar. In general they are 13” in diameter. I can make them larger if you want!

Wooden Cooler with Styrofoam lining - $35.00

Made with Beetle Kill Pine

Portfolio Covers $15.00 each

Current ones in stock are Beetle Kill Pine

Assorted mugs - $12.00 each

I currently have some made of Oak, Ash, Red Cedar, Poplar, Incense Cedar, Black Walnut, Maple and Honey Locust. Types and Quantities vary greatly. Usually have them on hand.

Assorted jewelry/Keepsake boxes - $25.00 each

At this time I have about 10 on hand. Various types of wood. Shown is Black Walnut, Box Elder, Oak/Elm and Beetle Pine/Red Cedar

Dog food holders -

Small - $35.00

Medium - $45.00

Large - $55.00

They do include the Stainless Steel bowls

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